We own vineyards whose total extension is 150 hectares, and which are located in the area protected by the appellation (denominación de origen) Vinos de Madrid.

Our vines are the foundation of our wines’ quality, while encouraging and demonstrating their natural characteristics in our wines is our philosophy.  

We cultivate our vineyards using the most up-to-date technology while following the most traditional and environmentally friendly methods, monitoring each vineyard individually and uniformly.  

The majority of the vines are in a vineyard called Valdeguerra, where we strictly control all aspects of quality and select the optimal harvest date.

We also purchase grapes from other growers in the area, which have been carefully selected and assisted during all stages, from the care of the vines to the transportation of the grapes to our winery, to ensure maximum quality,   The climate is continental.

The vines are planted in soil rich in clay, with notable components of lime and PH acid.The constant summer sun facilitates the growing of grapes with a high sugar content, with the exact level of acidity for producing high quality wines.  

In addition to the native grape varieties Tempranillo y Malvar, we have incorporated others such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to complete the range of flavours and fragrances.  









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